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Friday, March 5, 2010

This is exactly what I mean...

...when I say, with great emphasis, "Goddamnit, I love the Internet."

How else would we get shit like this? Seriously, how? Remember School House Rock? You think they would have made this flavor of awesome, and then run it on Saturday morning between the cartoons? Would your professors have recorded it on Betamax or VHS, and rolled in a TV and a VCR to play it in class? Maybe rewind it while you all took notes, then play it again?

Hell naw. This is for loading up on the classroom master Mac and firing through the HD smartscreen, surround-sound on and captions in three languages. Then you'd get the link in your email, along with all the PDFs of notes and reading from the week, so you could review it on your laptop from the dorm, or on your Blackberry in the dining hall, or on your iPhone while you're walking to your final exam. This is Internet sweetness, my homefries.


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