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Friday, October 8, 2010

Internet Justice

This is certainly one of the reasons I really, really love the Internet.

First, read this: Dying 7-Year-Old Girl Taunted by Neighbors

Summary: A little girl is dying of Huntington's disease. Her own mother also recently died from the same condition at age 24. Their neighbors are posting images of the girl and her mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper, putting their faces in place of skulls, etc. and posting the crap on Facebook. Also, they have a coffin displayed in the back of their pick-up truck (for Halloween, they claim) and have been driving it up and down the street since before the mother's death.

And because the Internet allows word of this appalling behavior to spread far beyond the bounds of Detroit, it shows up on places like FARK; meanwhile, 4chan dispenses great justice, and Reddit organizes donations and support for the victim's family.

While the denizens of the 'net might not have the power to stop death (yet), they sure as hell can put apply the power of the human response to tragedy and injustice in a way we never could before.

Oh, and somebody's helping via Twitter, too. >:D

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